Consultancy Services

Where experience really matters

Real Co.'s experience in real estate development enables us to offer a wide range of consulting services including :



Property development planning

Including site identification and selection, feasibility studies, entitlements and permits, liaising with authorities and attendances for meetings.

Pre-construction services & procurement
Including site evaluations, reviews, bidding procurement, identification and contracting appropriate and reliable companies in the industries.

Asset management
Including maintenance plans, capital expense forecast and budget analysis.

Architect and engineering referral services
To support the services required througout the life cycle of the particular project.

Environmental and safety referral services
To ensure compliance with all standards and regulations concerning the developments.

Energy management referral services
To ensure that the building projects are optimised for energy efficiency and to be cost effective.

Owner's representative
To serve as the authorized decision maker, negotiate, coordinate activities with the appointed legal firms, contracting entities, suppliers, design professionals and related parties. This includes the responsibility of reviewing leased documents. Plans, contracts, budgets and schedules and attending project meetings as required.

Project quality and compliance
To ensure compliance with all standards and regulations concerning the developments. This includes also inspections at regular intervals to ensure quality and compliance thorughout the project.

Contract administration, documentation & project management referrals
To ensure that all services contracts are well produced by renowned legal and notary firms.

Professional referrals
Real Co. has gained an extensive experience in selecting and working with quality professionals in various disciplines being: architects and QSs, construction companies, solicitors, notaries, financial and accounting institution.