About Real Co.

“Our achievements today will become the standards of tomorrow”.

Real Co., since its inception has always believed in the idea of “growth through stability” as its principal business strategy. Sound reinvestment and consistent profits have enabled the group to grow in its element and diversify in its interests. The strength of the group lies within its member companies; though varied in their practice, the companies within the group complement each other’s interests. This relationship has enabled us to build a strong management team and standard within all the companies and their respective employees.

Spanning over 30 years in the business, it is undoubtedly that Real Co.’s delivery and execution of each project it has been entrusted with, made it a very successful property management firm on the island.

With ample experience in real estate, property negotiation and investment, Real Co. have acquired a vast and varied portfolio of competencies, making it a reliable, effective and results oriented firm. With a multi-million Euro portfolio, the company has developed a large number of residential units, villa cluster, commercial blocks, and restoration projects of national significance., Real Co. has, over the years earned the reputation of being a leading property and business consultant in Malta.

With a vision that fosters quality, giving the company a reputation that elevates it among its competitors. The company has always ensured to identify reputable construction companies and architectural firms in the execution of each project. Real Co.’s expertise lies in absolute quality control, identification of added value, and effective negotiation.

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