An Introduction to RealCo

With over 30 years of experience in the property business, RealCo’s timely delivery and meticulous execution of projects has contributed to its undeniably positive reputation. This has made it a very successful property investment firm within the Maltese islands.

Focusing on Quality

Consistent profits and sound reinvestments have facilitated RealCo’s positive trajectory of growth. The strength of the company lies with its subsidiaries, which although varied in their practices, strongly complement one another for the attainment of a global vision.

As a result, high standards and robust management have become synonymous with the RealCo name – with high levels of quality control, effective identification of added value, efficient negotiation and timely execution – representing only a small part of RealCo’s vast capabilities.

As a result of its abundant experience in real estate, negotiation and investment, RealCo has acquired a multitude of competencies – making it a reliable, effective and results oriented entity. With a multi-million Euro portfolio of sound investments, RealCo constantly strives to add to its already existent ventures. The company has developed a multitude of residential units, villa clusters, commercial blocks and restoration projects of national significance. RealCo’s most recent project sought the restoration and transformation of a 400 year old fortification in Senglea, forming part of the regeneration project of the Grand Harbour. This 5-star luxury boutique hotel has subsequently been awarded multiple international awards.

RealCo’s vision and exceptional quality in its works has given the company an elevated reputation in comparison to that of its competitors, engaging only the most reputable construction companies and architecture firms in the development of each project.

Mario Camilleri

Managing Director

Mario initially started his career in the importation and retail of electronic and IT products in Malta back in the 1980s, wherein his aptitude for business quickly emerged – netting multiple contracts with prevalent global suppliers. Within a few years, Mario ventured into real estate, establishing RealCo in 1985 for the development of residential property as a result of the economic growth Malta was experiencing.

His success is heavily based on his instinctive ability to identify sites with abundant potential, natural knack for negotiation, thorough and timely execution of projects and close attention to design and detail.

Today, Mario and his dedicated team have brought together all the essential requisites required for the completion of luxury living spaces, corporate office blocks and hospitality developments – be it from the ground up, or otherwise. In 2012, together with other prominent property developers in Malta, Mario was a founding member of the Malta Developers Association (MDA), which was the first officially recognized association to give a voice to the property industry in Malta.

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